Home hues

Home is not a mere place

just like mom is not just another person

These are life anchoring emotions

I have been in different houses
making homes of it

only to realize that houses,
flats, cottages, bunglows,
hotels, resorts, ghettos, palaces,
you name it..
can only give physical shelter
A home gives emotional shelter
Much needed to rest one’s mind and heart..

Don’t vehemently search for homes
In concrete houses,
Because blessed beings that we are,
find it in a lot many variety of places ✨

In people and pets
In window sills and verandah seats
Most of the time in couches and coffees
And blankets and books..
Almost all the time in prayer mats
And Always In God

Sometimes in the smell of a certain cooked food,food in itself and for few others in their workouts and weights..
In serenity and in the hush hush,
homes are everywhere,
So where is yours?!
Driving into the darkness,
watching the moving trees while in a train,
In your different destinations.
In comforting laps
And familiar eyes
Looking at the sky not so high
The moon and stars
And the fading clouds,
In the waves that wash your Sandy feet
In the cold breeze and the bright sun
Or that dewy drizzle

Anything that gives you comfort and cools your heart takes you home..
Although it can be anything,
yet there aren’t many things you can call home
Ask your heart
It’ll show you your many homes
In your minds mirror..

This is a treasure hunt you gotta play folks!

Find the treasure while the treasure finds you..


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